I love food, I love eating, and I've traveled. World, don't come at us because you don't like some of our foods, I've had some pretty gross stuff overseas too! Do you agree with the foods they hate?

There was a post trending on Reddit of the top American foods people from other countries hate and the website HelloGiggles reported about it. The main question was: "What American food do you find most disgusting?"

1. Hershey's Chocolate: apparently people were describing this piece of my childhood as "vomit." Is Hershey's the best chocolate in America? No, but it's pretty delicious. I understand that it's the most famous and it has its own theme park but whether it's the best or not is irrelevant because it's great.

2. Canned or processed cheese: Okay, I guess I can give them this one. I do love pre-sliced American cheese but I could do without Cheese Whiz or Easy Cheese, we're better than that.

3. Fast Food: this one can't be true because I've been overseas and there's a reason McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC, just to name a few are doing as well over there as they are here. Is it out best food? No, but there's a time and a place fast food just hits the spot.

4. Too Much Ice: what does that even mean? Apparently, Americans' drink beverages with more ice than a beverage. Listen, I would love to have the ratio different but that's how it's served to me, so that's what I drink.

5. Excessively sweet baked goods: Yes, fine, our cakes, cookies, and cupcakes can be very sweet but not all of them! Americans went on a cupcake binge for a bit there when we were obsessed, and they're too sweet most of the time but don't come after my cookies. I've had some pretty sweet French pastries before too!

I get it, some of these things aren't the best that America has to offer but they're still pretty delicious. Don't come at out food when you're praising things like Vegemite, okay?

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