44 years later, after looking for the one handprint from San Diego to match the one on the victim, they found it - in Brunswick.

44 years ago, FB agents and San Diego police were on the look out for one man who they believed beat a man, Alvardo Espeleta, to death before vanishing without a trace. 62-year old Dennis Lepage lived in an apartment in Brunswick when he was finally caught decades after the original crime, according to the Times Union.

An old landlord of Lepage's said that he was a retired Navy veteran who had served about 6 years. Aside from a temper "at times" he was well liked, and then he moved out with his girlfriend in October.

Lepage was found because of a minor charge that resulted in the police running his fingerprints through a law enforcement database.This was after decades of looking and all investigative leads exhausted. Lepage, who would have been a teenager at the time of the murder, is still currently in New York but will most likely be extradited to San Diego.

I guess the Brunswick Police with the FBI really teach you that you can keep running but you can't hide forever.

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