WGNA, Budweiser and Vapor at Saratoga Casino and Raceway are ready to crown another $5,000 winner in the 2013 edition of Country Idol.

After 5 months of auditions and big Country Dance parties, the best of the best will sing one more time on Thursday, June 20, 2013. The top 5 scoring singers will get the chance to sing a second song, and from that elite group the highest scoring contestant wins the $5,000!

For the grand finale, we welcome a panel of qualified judges that bring a diverse and respectable opinion to the show. Meet the final 2013 Country Idol Judges who reveal what they are looking for in our next winner.

Richie Phillips (Award winning radio personality, local entertainer)- "To me, a $5000 winner not only displays a good voice from a technical standpoint, but also the stage presence and charisma to go with it.  A person who just stands there looking down at the floor can have the greatest "pipes" on the planet, but that's not enough.   Conversely, someone who uses every part of the stage, displaying all types of energy but singing out of tune won't win us over either.  It's that unique combination that will "unlock the safe" for you. Good luck to all, by the way!!  We appreciate you participating, no matter what your talent level!"

Rita Cox (Senior VP Marketing at Saratoga Casino and Raceway, former Sony Senior Product Manager with Sony’s Legacy Recordings)- "The ultimate country idol is about a voice that stands out above the rest and a performer who takes charge of the audience with their stage presence.  They should make us believe every word they sing and leave us waiting for what they’ll do next. My advice – Have confidence in yourself and believe that you’re the best."

Joe Kulewicz (Founding member of Skeeter Creek since 2002)- "You have to be the well rounded package to be the country idol winner. A good singer, dress so you stand apart from the audience, charismatic, and most importantly, a great entertainer. My advice, never hold back, give it 110%, cause you never know when your last show will be."

Marian Carter (Country radio since 1982, WGNA Saturday Mornings)- "It takes the whole package for me. Genuine singing ability, stage presence that engages the audience, and most of all passion. They need to have passion for the music and the personality to put it all together."

Doors will open at 7pm for a Hot Country Dance Party with the Country Idol finals starting at 8pm on Thursday, June 20, 2013. Pictured above is 2012 winner Sabrina Gogen.

Reminder: Join us for a special Country Night this summer! Party For A Cause on Thursday, August 1, 2013 to benefit Cornell Cooperative Extension at Vapor in Saratoga Casino and Raceway.


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