Listen, I'm not a Dutchess or anything, but I kinda feel like some of these "mistakes" are because people have been raised by wolves! Or, they've never even seen a movie. At all.

Or television.

A new survey found the top 20 wine faux pas people make.  Check 'em out -

1. Putting red wine in the fridge  - eh, this isn't the worst thing you can do, right?

2. Using a corkscrew on a screw cap  - dumb.

3. Drinking from the bottle  - desperate? 

4. Asking for ice in your wine - nope.

5. Serving in a wine glass with old lipstick stains - ew, no one does that!

6. Chipped glasses - huh???

7. Trying to unscrew a cork - dumber.

8. Taking a cheap bottle to a party -  hey, at least they brought something!!

9. Gulping wine rather than sipping it - enjoy, savor!

10. Not bringing a bottle but drinking everyone else's - seeeee!

11. Drinking it out of a tumbler - would you rather drink out of lipstick glass??

12. Pouring yourself a glass before pouring others on the table - whoops.

13. Asking for a slice of lemon - no, absolutely not.

14. Shaking the bottle before serving - 100 % no.

15. Asking the waiting to pour you more when they were intending you to taste it  - this is where the films come into play.

16. Putting lemonade with red wine - No!!

17. Complaining the red wine isn't cold - don't complain about anything.  

18. Pronouncing the 't' in Pinot Noir - or piniooo grigiooo like my father-in-law says!

19. Taking a bottle home after it wasn't opened - desperate.

20. Pronouncing the 't' in Merlot  - watch TV more.

Wine (Getty)
Wine (Getty)

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