The next time you want to bring children to a public playground, you may want to look over the swings, sliding boards and all of the equipment before the young ones play on them.


In a story from News 10 ABC and Illinois television station KWQC, a 2-year-old little boy cut his hand because someone glued razor blades to some of the equipment at a park playground in East Moline, Illinois.

After the boy’s dad took him home and treated his injury, he called the police. He went back to the playground, joining the police. When they inspected the equipment, they found that someone had glued about 12 razor blades to some of the equipment.

The East Moline Police went to other parks and playgrounds and inspected the equipment for more razor blades. Some parents mentioned that they’re surprised to hear about things like this happening.

There was a Facebook statement made by the Moline Parks And Recreation Department -"We are very sad that this happened. Police have been checking the Moline playgrounds this evening as they can and our staff will be rechecking all playgrounds in the morning. If you ever see something unusual or unsafe at a playground or park, please report it!"

I get very angry and sad when I hear about stuff like this, especially because these playgrounds should be a safe place to bring the kids. Hopefully, we'll never see anything like this at any playgrounds around the Albany area and surrounding communities.