On April 3, I had a story about two men from the north country that got arrested for allegedly used counterfeit money that they went shopping with.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Now there are two more men allegedly involved with counterfeit money, this time it’s in the Albany area. The Albany County Sheriff’s Department has been working with the U.S. Secret Service on this case.

On Wednesday, when authorities arrested 44-year-old David C. King and 37-year-old Levar J. Vanhosen, both from Albany, they allegedly had almost $1500 dollars on them in various denominations, when they were pulled over by police for a traffic violation. The two were already being watched under police surveillance because of an ongoing investigation about the bogus bills.

In the story from the Times Union, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple noted that the bills were were high quality replications. It’s also believed that the two men were going to Colonie Center and it was suspected that they were going to use the phony money to buy gift certificates. Besides allegedly having the bogus money on them, they were also allegedly carrying gift certificates.

Vanhosen was charged with Conspiracy, and King’s chargers were Criminal Possession Of Counterfeit Currency. Both are still in custody. Authorities are still continuing with an investigation.