More fake money is being circulated throughout the area. Yes, it'd be pretty cool to have some of the money used in movies shot locally like "Place Beyond the Pines" or "Daddy's Home 2" unless of course, you go to spend it.

A few years ago my father (unknowingly) gave my nephew Zach counterfeit money as a birthday gift.  It wasn't until he went to deposit it in the bank that he knew something was wrong.  It was awkward for my nephew, embarrassing for my father, but I found it quite amusing. Thankfully it was only $100, it surely could have been worse.

The fake $100 bills that are in circulation look and feel exactly like the real ones with one exception. Instead of "In God We Trust" , the inscription says "For Motion Picture Use Only"  Truth is, I move through money so quick, it could say "In Tom Hanks We Trust"  with a picture of Wilson the Volleyball and I still probably wouldn't notice!  Unless of course, I went to turn that hundo into a few thousand at the casino. Then it wouldn't be so funny.

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