A good samaritan found 17 cats and kittens in a Tupperware bin - basically left for dead - in Schenectady on Tuesday morning. They were immediately brought to the Animal Protective Foundation where they're recovering.  Let's hope these cats and kittens can find a home.

There is no reason for this to happen, literally ZERO reasons.  According to a News Channel 13 report, the 17 cats and kittens were found on the side of the road in Schenectady on Tuesday morning and basically left for dead.  The report states that they were found safe and brought in to the Animal Protective Foundation by a good Samaritan who spotted them in the plastic Tupperware bin that had no holes in it for them to breathe.  Thankfully, they were rescued just in time.

In a Facebook post by the foundation, they show the kittens being tended to and treated.  The APF has expressed that due to the large volume of pre-existing animals currently sheltered, they have quite a few cute cats and kittens that still need homes.  The 17 found on Tuesday will be available for adoption soon.



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