According to the New York Lottery, there was one single $730 million dollar winning ticket sold in Maryland from Wednesday nights drawing and 12 second prize winners of a million dollars.  The second place winners were scattered all over the country, but none were from New York State.

While New Yorkers may not have cashed in on the monster payouts, over a dozen did get a sizeable piece of the action.

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13 New Yorkers were able to claim 3rd place equaling $50,000, and one New Yorker cashed in on 3rd place + Powerplay for nice little win of $150,000 according to the New York Lottery.

Can I rant for a minute here? Okay, thanks:

40, 53, 60, 68, 69 + 22.  Those were the winning numbers from last night's Powerball.  These numbers are terrible and here's why.   It's hard enough to get one number let alone all of them and you have literally a snowball's chance in hell when the lowest number is 40.

Who in their right mind would select 40 as the lowest of the six numbers, completely disregarding more than half of the numerical field? Only a madman would do that.  It had to have been a quick pick, and it definitely wasn't sold to me.  Okay rant over.

Wednesday's Powerball jackpot had gotten so large because the drawing had zero winners over the last 4 months.  Similarly, Friday night's Mega Millions should be another monster payout.  According to the New York Lottery, it's sitting at close to a Billion dollars as this is being written.

I'm gonna fill out my tickets and start every one by selecting the number 60.

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