It's hard to believe any good news can come from such a huge tragedy. Yet, in every tragedy, especially natural disasters it seems that sometimes amid all the sadness we can find reason for joy. Sometimes it's just at the response and feeling of a true community of humans revealing itself as others come to aid, other times like this one, it's a story of the tenacity of the human spirit and a person's will to survive even at the age of 101.

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On Saturday April 25, Nepal was ravaged by an earth quake with a 7.8 magnitude. This past Saturday authorities announced that after a week of searching that it would be virtually impossible that any other survivors would be found, and then there was.

101 year old  Funchu Tamang was found an entire week after the earth quake hit buried and trapped under his porch. He survived only because he had found a small container nearby and trapped rain water to drink while he waited for rescue.

He was airlifted to a nearby hospital and believe it or not had only minor injuries, he is expected to be just fin and back to his full life of 101 years in no time.

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