Teens today are under so much pressure sometimes it's just the most subtle act of kindness that can really turn someone's day around.  A local school welcomed students back from winter break with thousands of anonymous, handwritten notes posted to their lockers. It not only provided a sense of welcome and warmth, but quite possibly may have inspired more teachers and school-aids throughout the Capital Region and beyond to follow in their footsteps.

Wow!  Big shout-out to the staff at Amsterdam High School who took time out of their winter break to make sure students felt a little love when they came back to school on Monday.  Over a thousand handwritten notes, done anonymously, were placed on each and every locker throughout the high school.

Parents in the community praised the staff who wrote them, which at this point, still remains somewhat of a mystery.  But what is 100% clear, is that this staff cares.

The notes all had simple, yet very effective inspirational messages on them. Here are a few examples we found on the Greater Amsterdam School District Facebook. 

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