How many times has this happened before? You go throw on your iPod and you're jammin' out to one of your favorite songs only to realize it's been a solid 20 years since its original release but it seems like only yesterday. Yup. All the time.

That makes you feel pretty old, I'm sure, so these 10 things are sure to do the same. I shake my head and wonder, how?! Where has the time gone?! I mean, how could it be? I'm still only 20 years old (*note: in my mind.)

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The first iPhones went on sale 10 years ago today (6/29)

Warner Bros.

The first Harry Potter book turns 20 this year

Blake Shelton, Facebook

Blake Shelton first hit the Country scene with "Austin" 16 years ago


Locally, Six Flags acquired the Great Escape in 1996, 21 years ago

Warner Bros. TV

Full House debuted 30 years ago this September

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AIM aka AOL Instant Messanger was first released in May 1997 (20 years ago) and you probably haven't used it since about 2003 (14 years ago)


FRIENDS came to an end in 2004, 13 years ago

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Twitter joined the social media craze in 2006

Today's Country 107.7 GNA

The first WGNA Countryfest took place in 1993, 24 years ago and starred Travis Tritt

photo by Richie

A tornado hit Mechanicville 19 years ago