There is a massive recall of several Ford vehicles. It affects one point five million Ford pickups, Lincolns and Mustangs. There is a defect in the gear shifts of their top-selling pickups. According to CNBC, the recalls state that an unintended downshift into first gear of the F-150 pickups that caused five accidents and concerns for safety issues.

Officials say that without warning the vehicle can downshift and cause the driver to lose control and result in a crash. The recall affects select 2011 to 2013 Ford F-150 pickups with six-speed automatic transmission. This affects 1.4 million trucks.

There are about twenty-seven thousand 2017 to 2019 Lincoln Continentals may have a problem with their door latches preventing from closing completely. There are about four thousand two hundred 2019 Ford Mustangs, Nautilus and Navigators that may have a defect that causes the instrument cluster to blank while the video screen starts up. No accidents have been reported so far.

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