The Bachelor is back on Monday nights and so is thee bachelor, Brad Womack -- the 11th season's heart breaker.  If you follow The Bachelor, like I have, you will remember Brad as the bachelor who made it all the way to the final rose ceremony, but did not choose either of the girls, Jenni or DeAnna.  What a shock that was, right girls!

However, I give the guy a lot of creidt.  I bet many of these contestants probably feel forced to choose someone no matter what because the show is on national television; they are desperate to find a "soul mate" so they won't be alone; and, I'm sure there are numerous bonuses to seeing the whole escapade through.  Afterall, Trista and Ryan had a $4-million televised wedding and fully paid for by ABC.  What girl/couple wouldn't want their wedding fully paid for?

This season is being deemed the most genuine season yet because Brad is back for the real thing this time.  As proven the first time, he isn't going to play games or mislead a girl just because feels he has to.   I think this season could be the most interesting and real season yet!  The girls a little leary of Brad due to his past of course, but I'm sure he will be able to woe them, even win over at least one of them with his charm.

Unfortunately, I missed last night's episode of the 14th season so I'll have to see if a friend DVRed it or something.  It will be interesting to see what girl is able to nail down this 37-year old, good looking Texan bachelor.  We can only hope!