Here's a case in point: "The Bachelor." Great reality show, right? But I read this article about what really happens (allegedly) behind the scenes. This reality show might be so unreal, it's UNREAL. 

So I stumbled upon a site called The and found some real interesting facts, supposedly about ABC's "The Bachelor. " According to them, get this!

The producers and some contestants are secretly dating each other. And I guess this happens more often than you think. Can you say "casting couch?"

Contestants are given "roles." They look for someone who is "villainous" or the "hero" type. They look for someone who is "the bad girl" too, and if they're not, they are basically pushed to be more of a bad girl than they normally are. In other words, exaggerated.

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There is a producer in charge of making girls cry for the camera. I love this one. They actually have someone on the charge of making women "bawl" on demand. And if the person is really good at it, they are used on other shows as well.

They give the girls a few "drinkeepoos" to loosen them up before they film. This and many other ALLEGED secrets are on this site. Once again, you can check out The for more. (I hope I didn't ruin the show for you!