Disney’s Takeover Continues -This Time, Netflix
When everything becomes a unique service, Disney finds a way to make it their own. Just recently they announced that they would be doing their own ride sharing service when it became legal in Florida. Now they are taking over the main streaming service and making it their own.
Host Announced for American Idol Reboot
After months and months of negotiations, American Idol has finally come to an agreement on who will host the upcoming season with auditions beginning in Mid-August.
My Emotions Can’t Handle Must See TV
NBC announced that they will be bringing back "Must See TV" this fall. That's great and all, but they obviously didn't think about the rest of us that watch multiple shows on different networks.
‘Nashville’ Returns to TV on CMT
Yay!  I love this show! I'm so excited that CMT picked up Nashville after ABC unexpectedly cancelled it last year.
Save the date!  Series creator, Callie Khouri reportedly announced at the Grant Ole Opry the other night, that the tv drama will return for a fifth season in Dec…
Kelly’s Back on LIVE! and Now Michael’s Leaving Early
What do you think about this!?
This morning Kelly Ripa returned to her co-host chair on Live! with Kelly and Michael after a brief "vacation".
A lot of people think she took time off because she was upset about the way her co-host announced his departure last week...
‘The Muppets’ Are Coming To ABC This Fall [VIDEO]
You have seen them on the big screen for years, but it's been years since you have seen the Muppets on television. The original 'Muppet Show' ran for 120 episodes from 13 September 1976 – 15 March 1981 and of course there were a couple movies as wel…

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