Lucky Driver Walks Away From Accident [VIDEO]
As your afternoon traffic guy on GNA I always stress that you drive safely and be careful on your commute home. The slightest wrong move can really make for a long delay on one of the major roadways and make for a bad day for the person who caused the accident as well.
Bridge Closing Information During Sandy
Gov Cuomo has just announced that the Tappan Zee Bridge near New York City will close at 4PM today (10/29) due to the high winds associated with Sandy. If you're wondering about any possible bridge closings in the Albany area, New York State has a twitter account setup that will display informa…
Twin Bridges Construction – I87 Weekend Delays
The next six weekends will be full of headaches for people trying to get around the Albany Area. From I-87 (the Northway) to the overflow of traffic on Route 9, we all have to expect that it will take us a little longer to get around. Construction begins Friday, September 7, 2012 at 10pm on the Twin…

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