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Block Charlie Sheen From Your Web Browser Forever
There's been a little bit of a lull in the action with Charlie.  It was getting totally ridiculous for awhile there, I'm sure you'll admit. I was getting 2 and 1/2 spam messages a second!!   In fact, all of the media coverage was making me as crazy as....Charlie!!!  No offense to the guy, but "…
Charlie Sheen, Is He Actually Winning? [VIDEO]
It seems Charlie Sheen has lost his mind. Or has he? The man who recently lost his job on the TV show "Two and A Half Men", recently signed a deal with Live Nation, for Merchandising and licensing for items with his catchphrase "winning".
Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Charlie Sheen [VIDEO]
You can't watch tv or go on the internet without seeing Charlie Sheen. He is everywhere. I am getting a little sick of hearing all of this, but one of my friends said it best that this whole thing is like a car wreck, you can't help but watch.
News Of The Past Week Rhymed (AUDIO)
This is a tough assignment--to come up with one of these ditties that rhyme the week's events every week.  But if you think it's worth it, I will try hard to discipline myself to do it.  And if you ever want to contribute , be my guest!   (Gee-how ma…
Charlie Sheen Part Deux
OK, I said at the end of my blog that I would try to address and comments from my readers regarding my defense of Charlie Sheen.  Today I will do my best.  There were a couple of people who made very good points and one that made many good points, I will have to address the ladder in porti…
Charlie Sheen is Crazy, Like a Fox
I find this whole Charlie Sheen "break down" to be enlightening.  It amazes me how much people DON'T listen when others speak.  Or how judgmental we all can be when we clearly do not have any real facts or direct observation.

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