There's been a little bit of a lull in the action with Charlie.  It was getting totally ridiculous for awhile there, I'm sure you'll admit. I was getting 2 and 1/2 spam messages a second!!   In fact, all of the media coverage was making me as crazy as....Charlie!!!  No offense to the guy, but "ahhhh....loserrrr" comes to mind here.  But help is on the way if you've been OverSheened"

  Introducing the Sheen Spam Blocker.  (That's not the real name of the product, but essentially that's what it does.  What you are REALLY looking for is "Tinted Sheen".  How does it work?  It's an add-on, plug-in kinda thing that works with your web browser, like Chrome or Firefox:

   The add-on blacks out mentions of his name and puts a flat blue graphic over any relevant photos.

   You never know.  He's not on "page one" at the moment.  Things have calmed a bit.  But if it ever comes back, you need protection!!

  I wish they had this for all media@  If so,  I would block:

    1.  Kegs And Eggs stories-- enough already.  We know there were some "bad apples" here.  If they keep this up, parents will become so disgusted, they'll never pay for a child's college education again.  And then we'll be a dumber nation than we already are!!

    2. Apple Hype-  Apple--I love ya.  But I now own a Macbook Pro, Apple TV, an Ipad, and everyone in the family has Iphones.  I'm so addicted to your products now through your incredible brainwashing techniques, I'm going to become worse than Charlie Sheen.  I may have to be put into a DDF (digital detox facility)

    3.  FLO-  You know, the girl in the Progressive Insurance commercials.  Again, nothing  against her personally (she's actually a stand-up comedian in real life, I hear).   I'm sure she's doing very well financially, and I applaud her for that. And I'm sure Progressive is a fine company,   but if I see her roll her eyes and do that eccentric cackle one more time in that white room, there going to put ME in a similar colored padded holding area donned in a white lab coat.  (By the way, if you go to their website, you can find out how to dress like Flo.--what a great Halloween idea!!!)

Do you have anything you'd like blocked besides the ones mentioned above.  Facebook me.  Would love to hear them.