I find this whole Charlie Sheen "break down" to be enlightening.  It amazes me how much people DON'T listen when others speak.  Or how judgmental we all can be when we clearly do not have any real facts or direct observation. Now before you ask I am not saying that Charlie Sheen is perfectly normal or that he does not have a problem. What I am saying is, that "normal" is way over rated and I can't really say he has a "problem" because I am not him.  You are not him either, or are we?

If you take the time to listen to what he is saying it seems to me to boil down to one  main thread of consciousness.  "I am who I am , I like the way I live and who are you to judge it?"  Is there really something wrong with this statement?  If I'm not mistaken (and I seldom am) our Constitution is primarily based on this very idea. That we can all choose to live our lives any way we wish.  Charlie likes to live his life differently, he likes to party, he likes to drink, he enjoys non complicated relationships with women etc.  And through the years as these things reach the tabloids people say , "You have a problem."  Does he? Or is the truth that the people saying i,  have a problem with his choices?  He has the right to live the way he wants and if he manages to still get his job done, which  he has for a great many years, there is no problem.  All Charlie is saying is that his real problem is all the people who are telling him he has to change. Why does he have to change?  Because we have all conformed to the "norm" and live our public lives as close to what is expected of us , whether it is a true representation of who we are or not?  How many times have you wished you had the guts to do something crazy, spontaneous or fun and didn't because you worried what others would think? Maybe you even wished you had more guts to be more like that in your life.  What he is saying is that he does not wish to be judged by a small minded person who is probably just jealous that he is living the kind of life that they wished they had the guts to admit wanting.

I also find it particularly amusing that the same people who are saying he is crazy and needs help are in many cases the same people who tune in each week to enjoy him playing a "character" on TV, that is quite clearly based on himself.  "Charlie Harper" is a rich, drunk, womanizing  bachelor who lives in a beach house in Malibu and makes no excuses for the way he is. We love to tune in and laugh at his candid take on the world and the relationships he has with other people. NO one is worried about Charlie Harper, only Charlie Sheen.  Because he is real and if he is real, why aren't I?

We secretly do wish we could be a little more like "Charlie" and do what we said we would do when we were kids. "When I grow up I'm gonna live in a big house and have fun all the time and no one will tell me what I can and can't do."  The problem is most of us cant afford that big house and don't care attitude so we just have to do what we have to do to "get along".  Charlie Sheen makes two million dollars an episode on " Two and a Half Men" If I made that much money, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care much what the "Man" says I need to do either.  I'd do exactly what you would do, whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to.  As long as I'm not hurting anyone else , especially innocent people, who cares?

Now I know many of you will disagree with me on this one and I really do look forward to hearing from you.  Perhaps tomorrow we will continue the discussion and I will respond to your  "But Sean... what about... " Go.

God Bless