"OK, now that we all know what Charlie Sheen has done, isn't it time to move on? This guy is getting so much free publicity." This was a comment I made on my Facebook page earlier today.

I just get tired of hearing about the bad things that celebrities do. After a few days of news about the same old bad behavior, I just thought I'd put the idea out there. This lead to a bunch of great replies. I thought I would share some of them with you.

From BJ, our morning traffic guru-"It's a car crash Lou and you know no one can look away from one of those."

James L. from Clifton Park said "Cut his Mic off please I'm tired of him. He annoys me every time he speaks".

Paula C. in Albany feels that "the media should be ashamed. Now they are using him like a monkey at a circus."

And from Coeymans, Lizzie K. says "I Ignore it. That's all it is. Show Off."

Kelly A. from Old Chatham, I though, put a classic spin on it - "He is a radical alien from Mars who gives easy girls a chance to show their face on tv without being naked! You know he melted yours off. Seriously, Sheen for president. Get on board!" (Maybe Lindsay Lohan for vice president?). Which lead to John H. in Selkirk to say-"Yeah but Lindsay Lohan is sitting back going WOOOOO HOOOOO!

Don't you just love some great conversation? I love the responses, and you can leave some more comments below.