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42 and Scary Movie 5 In The Trailer Park [VIDEO]
This weekends box office is all about numbers. Baseball fans can rejoice as the history of one of the games greatest Jackie Robinson is front and center in "42" and movie goers everywhere will answer the question is 5 too many for the "Scary Movie" franchise?
Charlie Sheen Admits He Wasn’t “Winning” [VIDEOS]
I heard earlier in the week that Charlie Sheen was going to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. After all the wackyness that has gone the last year or so I had to tune in to hear what Charlie had to say this time around. I must admit, I was shocked. He totally looked like a changed man and adm…
Sheen/Cage in 2012 I Can’t Wait to Vote [AUDIO]
In today's morning monologue we imagine if Charlie Sheen and Nicolas Cage were running for the White House?  Billy Ray Cyrus just wants Miley to be happy.  We find out who celebrated 4/20 and who is drinking "Viagra Beer". And I have heard of the movie"Snake…
American Idol Doesn’t Like Chubby Girls? (AUDIO)
Today's monologue. Does American Idol Discriminate? A girl claims she was moved out of the front row during a taping of the show because she was too fat. We also talked about the good and bad in getting plastic surgery in the back room of a tile shop...

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