I was wondering about this.  How does it feel to be sitting in your living room watching yourself being written out of a hugely successful TV show- especially the way that they did it!  And this won't be the first time!

If you saw the premier, you'll know that Charlie got blown up in a meat packing explosion.  And at the funeral they had all of his former girlfriends telling stories (many that I'm sure mirrored his real life)-  But according to huffingtonpost.com he's also going to be in a movie called "A Glimpse Inside The World Of Charlie Swan III, and in the movie-guess what happens- HE DIES!  So Charlie gets to watch his demise twice. (Well, three times if you count his YouTube posts!)

Supposedly he got a kick out of the Two And a Half Men premier, so apparently it didn't bother him.  But would that be the way you'd like a chapter of your life to end?  Could you imagine if, instead of firing you, the management of your company sent around an email saying "He Died" , with pictures of you in various stages of your career?  But then again, this is Hollyweird, where anything can happen!