New York- A recent federal study shows multiple municipalities nationwide need more than $300 billion.  The money would be used for long-overdue upgrades to water and sewer systems over the next 20 years.  Many of the Northeastern states have older systems, including New York.  Senator Chuck Schumer said yesterday the state needs $29.7 billion worth of improvements.

New York City- State police believe a man’s body found in the Hudson River this week is the man who jumped off the Tappan Zee Bridge last year.  The body was found Wednesday and seems to match the man who leapt, but was never found.  A Metro-North railroad inspector spotted the body while walking along riverside tracks.  A medical examiner will make a more definite identification. 

Petersburg- 28-year old Jessica Clyde has been reunited with her family.  The young woman from Petersburgh had gone missing Monday.  She was last seen walking along Route 2 near Weaver Dam around 10am.   She hugged her mother yesterday around 3:30 outside the Veterans Memorial Hall in the town office complex on Route 2.  She was dropped off my a passing motorist who drove off.

Schenectady - Police caught up with 38-year old Danny Carter yesterday.  Carter led police on a car-and-foot chase that also involved the State Police.  The chase began around 9am when Carter sped away from state troopers as they tried to pull him over.  He then stopped his vehicle on Duane Avenue and took off on foot.  Carter has been brought up on multiple charges included fleeing police and reckless endangerment.

Health- A new product could be the next big thing after coffee and Red Bull.  A Harvard professor has created a product where you inhale the caffeine rather than drink it.  The product is called Aeroshot and comes in a lipstick-sized tube.  Each tube contains 100 milligrams of caffeine powder, the same amount in one large cup of coffee.  AeroShots also contain B vitamins, but not the same additives commonly used in energy drinks to amplify the effect of caffeine.