Nipper the dog who sits proudly on top of the former RCA building in downtown Albany is in danger!

A new development plan to turn that building into a residential space could mean the end of the road for Nipper, the 28 foot tall fiberglass terrier who has been hanging out on top of his building since the 50's!

Senator Chuck Schumer says the statue has become a local icon and represents a part of Albany history.  He wants Nipper to be admitted into the National Register of Historic Places so he can be protected.

Schumer says if Nipper becomes a historical site, the designation and tax credits would help to protect and maintain the puppy, and help transform this over 100-year-old structure into a residential and commercial gem.

I don't know about you, but I agree with Schumer!  Nipper is a part of downtown!  If we can save him, we should!