Do You Feel Unsafe In Albany?
Crime is on the rise in Albany and business owners and some residents will tell you that safety is becoming a big problem in our capital city.  I've lived in Albany the majority of my life and I rarely, if ever, feel threatened.  Clearly though, I'm in the minority. Does Alb…
Rotterdam Couple Defends Store [VIDEO]
I'd like to think if I were in this situation that I'd be brave enough to defend myself but I don't know if I could. I give all of the credit in the world to these two for not only supporting and looking out for each other but for the business they've built.
Handgun Found on Rotterdam Family’s Lawn
Gun violence and the topic about what should happen with our gun laws is definitely a sore subject. As a gun owner, it seems that we are constantly on the defense from actions of irresponsible gun owners or criminals.

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