There is a disease spreading through deer that makes them zombie like and emaciated. It has affected deer in twenty four states including New York. It's official name is Chronic Wasting Disease but it is also called zombie deer disease. It is an illness that has been found in deer across twenty four states including New York.

According to News 10 ABC, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) says that this illness infects the brain, tissue and spine in deer, moose and elk. It makes the animals appear to be in a zombie-like state, forgetting to eat, stumbling and excessive drooling.

The CDC warns that it hasn't been passed to humans but people should be aware of deer they are eating to be sure. Hunters should test deer (venison) and elk meat prior to eating. There are no treatments or vaccines for this disease and it is fatal.

To get more information about Chronic Wasting Disease, click HERE.

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