Know anyone who owns a trailer?  Perhaps it's you?  Well,  in the words of the great Montgomery Gentry--"That's Something To Be Proud Of" !Because in some circles, it's now becoming a fashionable art piece. There was a trailer recently parked in Manhattan cleverly converted  into ....wait for art exhibit!

The Albany Times Union wrote:

Walking into the trailer feels a bit like a violation. In the kitchen, a layer of rolled linoleum doesn’t quite cover the entire floor. At the edges, squared-off pieces have been cut away as if to go around objects — maybe shelves or bookcases — that are no longer there. Instead, it reveals another layer of linoleum underneath. It feels recently abandoned.

Inside you'll find works from many artists, including some from the Capital Region!  'Bout time they paid tribute to the fabulous, economical abode that dots our local landscape from coast to coast!

Heck, we at Sean and Richie Show have always saluted the mighty doublewide.   In fact, we even wrote a theme song for trailer owners a few years back

Wanna hear a clip?  Click here!!!

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