Not to worry, country music groupies.  I will have a ton of photos of the stars (many from backstage!), but I wanted to pay attention to the REAL stars of the show—all of you who came out in DROVES for Countryfest 2014.

We can't thank you enough for coming to this year's extravaganza.  It was our 21st Countryfest, as you know. We had some big names up there on that stage, and I had the unique opportunity, as I have done every year, to stand in the same place and look out.

It literally knocks the wind out of my sails every time for the first few minutes.  I almost GASP for air, it's such an awesome sight, and you don't get the same opportunity unfortunately.  So I wanted to show you my photos in the hopes that you can pick yourself out of the crowd, 'cuz let's face it, guys  YOU are the real stars.

And I have many more small group shots coming from walking around in the crowd in an upcoming post!

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