According to GNA Nation, one ice cream shop in the Capital Region is heads and shoulders above the rest.

This all started a couple weeks ago when the weather finally got warm and I posed the question - what is your favorite place to get ice cream? Your nominations led to a poll including 10 local establishments, and now we have YOUR definitive answer to the question: Who Serves the Best Ice Cream In the Capital Region?'

And our top vote getter is...

The Snowman in Troy! The Snowman took home almost 30% of the votes, and easily won this poll to determine the Best ice Cream in the Capital Region. Looking at all the photos on their Instagram page, it is easy to understand why. And, well the proof is also in the pudding, I mean, um, the ice cream. Check out some of these Yelp reviews:

For me the snowman is as much nostalgia as it is delicious ice cream. 10 minutes before closing on an Tuesday night in April the line was 25 deep and that made me really happy. - Chelsea B., Saratoga Springs

Long story short. If you find yourself in NY, find your way to 114th Street & 5th Ave and get yourself what I believe to be the best tasting hard or soft serve ice cream bar none.  Scott C., Long Beach, CA

These amazing reviews go on and on and on. Simply put, The Snowman is a great place to get ice cream, and according to you - the Best in the Capital Region! Here are the full results from our ice cream poll:

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