You get junk mail all of the time but before you throw this one away, you may want to look first to see if there's $100 inside!

I'm sure you've gotten the Valpak junk mail in your mailbox before but before you just throw it out, take a look inside. New York Upstate is reporting that they know that people aren't reading what they send so they decided to entice you.

Along with their budget savers, Valpak will be randomly sending out $100 checks made to cash to random households. Lucky winners won't be required to do anything to retrieve the money, it's no strings attached. They also say that winners will never be contacted by the company for further information.

Of course, it's just a way to get you to actually open the envelope instead of automatically putting it in the trash but hey, if you get an envelope and it says "Look inside: $100 could be in this envelope," they're not kidding! You might as well open it, and take a look inside before you throw it out!

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