If lawmakers have their way, it could cost you more to check out of the grocery store. But in return, you would be helping to save the environment. Two senators from Manhattan are proposing legislation to encourage the use of reusable bags statewide. Senator Liz Krueger and Brad Hoylman are hoping that their bill will curb the use of billions of plastic bags each year. These bags end up in landfills and state waterways.

There are twenty-three billion plastic bags that are thrown away each year that clutter the lakes, rivers, streams and landfills throughout the state. There are many local communities in New York state that have already adopted fees or bans of these bags. But a five cent fee that was approved in New York City was not approved in Albany.

Lawmakers are hoping retailers could set the fee on paper bags too at a rate of between ten and twenty-five cents. A vote has not been scheduled yet.

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