Ever wonder?  I do.  These things keep me up at night.  When you hand over your Samsonite to the nice lady behind the counter at Albany Airport, where does it go?

Here is a fascinating piece of diversion, this little video here.  I've always wondered, haven't you?  One time, before I got into this crazy little thing called radio, I was a performer for conferences and used to travel all over the country.  I was sent to Orlando, but insisted on bringing my own keyboard for the gig.  I handed it over in it's metal case (very sheepishly), they weighed it and put it on the belt.  I made sure the correct name tag was on it -  Richie Phillips, blank blank street, Albany, NY.

Upon my return, I went to the luggage carousel and --no keyboard.  It didn't come back for 4 days.  Why?  Cuz they sent it back to Albany----Albany, GEORGIA!  Yes, there is such a place, believe it or not. It did eventually make it back to me, even though the metal case was cracked in the middle.  No lie.

Here is a video compliments of Digg.com that traces the trip that each piece takes from start to finish.

Enjoy it?  Now you can thank me for wasting just a little more of your precious time….



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