It's hard to imagine snow coming to parts of the area after record warmth earlier this week, but parts of Upstate New York will see snowflakes this weekend!

Yes, I said that four letter word: snow. So I hope you dug your boots out when you took your flip-flops out last weekend if you live in the southern Adirondacks. According to the National Weather Service, snow is possible Saturday night into Sunday. caught up with the weather service who said a few inches of snow are possible.

So, yes, most of us won't see this. But it's still crazy in our area we are going from summer-like temps and weather to "a few inches of snow possible" not too far away. Once the shock wore off, I did remind myself this is upstate New York, and well, this time of year anything can happen.

So, if this forecast affects you, you can pack your flip-flops back away and just stick with the boots by the front door. Because the weather is getting back to normal!