We don't know for certain if Luke Bryan wears the pants in his relationship, but we can tell you that he wears the bicycling shorts.

Earlier this October Bryan was bicycling with a friend when he crashed and broke his clavicle, all while prepping for his Farm Tour. He turned out to be okay and was fortunate enough not to have to cancel any shows.

Taste of Country caught up with Bryan to ask how he's feeling after the incident, and more importantly, what he was wearing when this all took place. And if you were picturing him in those tight biking shorts that may show off his assets, you were correct.

"If you cycle any distance, if you're cycling like an hour and a half, you kind of have to wear them," Bryan explains. "You gotta save yourself from the chafing."

The country star says and his buddy Jake Owen are always getting into accidents and more than likely causing premature arthritis. The good news is, if they ever needed anyone to take care of them we're sure they'd have a long line of fans ready to do the job.

Bryan is up for Entertainer of the Year at this year's celebratory 50th Anniversary CMA Awards. He has held that title previously, but this one would be just as special.

"Certainly being the 50th it would be amazing," he says. "Either way I'm just excited to be here."

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