The New York Yankees are back in first place in the American League East. The Post Season is right around the corner and the Yankees are in but will they or the Orioles win the East?


The Yankees have two regular season games left against The Boston Red Sox. The Sox are injury plagued and have nothing to play for. While the Baltimore Orioles, who are currently one game back in the hunt for the AL East play the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are still playing even though they are also done this year.Again we already know that both Baltimore and New York are in the playoffs this is just to see who will get the wild card and who will win the division.


It looks like the Yankees will win the East because the Red Sox have given up but you can never tell with those sneaky Sox. There's something a little sad about the Yankees playing the Red Sox and one of them doesn't care how it ends. Two games between us and the Post season my friends. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!