It's an age old question. Would you eat at restaurant that was directly next to a 24 hour dog kennel? Okay, maybe it's not an age old question but it's definitely a question that some are faced with regarding a restaurant in Saratoga. Maybe they combine and give everyone a real doggy bag...

According to the Daily Gazette, a Japanese restaurant in Saratoga is using the courts to fight a the construction of a Pet Lodge at the adjacent lot.

Although the building has been closed down, the owner of the shop wants to potentially lease the building and this decisions would limit many potential buyers and renters.

My question is, would it though? To be honest, if I found a restaurant that I truly loved and absolutely had to have the food. It being next to anything besides a sewer treatment plant wouldn't deter me.

How about you? Do you think about things like this? I wouldn't even have given it a though until the owner brought it up?.

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