Want to relive some of your childhood? The World's Biggest Bounce House is coming back this year and it's making a stop in Albany!

The Big Bounce America has announced that they will be returning to the Capital Region in 2020. No worries, you won't have to compete with children for a bounce house or worry about bopping them out because there are children sessions as well as adult sessions.

I had a chance to experience this last year and when they say "World's Biggest" they're not kidding. The entire course is about 4 bounce houses large where one is a huge obstacle course and the other is the world's biggest house. It's so big that they actually had a DJ inside of the house playing music live!

From last year, they've even added a brand new course - Sports Slam. In Sports Slam, you play dodgeball, basketball, soccer, and more, while bouncing. It all sounds fun but it's a lot of bouncing, a great workout, and you forget how difficult it is to get up once you've fallen down. It's a great time! They haven't officially announced the date yet but they promise a stop in "Albany" in 2020, and you can sign up for updates.

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