On Thursday, while everyone is with their families eating until they have to unbutton their pants having uncomfortable conversations about Syrian refugees with their crazy uncles, and drinking as much wine as they possibly can, some of us will be at work!

And I can't tell if that would be better or not...

Anyway, according to a new survey, those worker bees will not be alone!

36% of companies say they'll have at least SOME employees who have to work on Thanksgiving.

The good news is, most of those people will get some kind of bonus though.

32% will get paid time-and-a-half

24% will get double pay

14% will get an extra day off

The bad news... 11% of people will have to work on Thanksgiving for just their regular pay and nothing extra. Ew.

And although it might feel like we're all working longer hours than we ever have, that's not true for Thanksgiving!  During the '90s, more than 40% of companies had people work on Thanksgiving. And in the early 2000s, it peaked at 48%!

I'm sorry if you'll be spending your holiday away from your family.  But, if you want to, go ahead and put 'GNA on the radio or computer at  work and we'll keep you company until you can get home to those leftovers!

Happy Thanksgiving!