Tonight at 7:00 pm on Fox the U.S. women's soccer team will take on Japan in the World Cup Final. We have been talking about this during the week on the morning show, I am usually not a soccer fan but as with many of my friends who also never watch FIFA, we have been finding ourselves excited to watch this team, this year. Will you be watching and if so, where? Do you believe the U.S. team can win?

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How amazing is it  that this U.S.A. women's team has made it to the finals on this 4th of July weekend? They did not have an easy road and this may be the hardest match they havet faced thus far. Can they win? I hope so but this team from Japan is the same squad that beat them 4 years ago in Germany.

There are many people including the U.S. team that believe they should have won that game 4 years ago , and there are many people in the soccer community who believe that Japan won and deserved the victory. It may not surprise you that in the world of soccer the United States are not fan favorites and I think I like that.

My prediction and I hope I am right, USA - 2 Japan -1.

GO U.S.A.!


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