Bridget Simpson of Ticonderoga plans to swim the 32 mile length of Lake George starting today at the public docks in Lake George Village, according to New York Upstate.

Simpson recently swam in New York City in an event called the Lady Liberty Sharkfest Swim in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty. That swim, though, was only a mile and a half.

Simpson is doing this for charity but not for any charity in particular. She says that if you're moved by what she's doing, she'd love for it to raise some money. Instead of named a certain charity in particular, she said via Sun Community News:

"I would like to invite anyone interested in my effort to consider supporting any cause of personal significance...don't send me anything."

She plans to end the 32 mile swim in Ticonderoga at Diane's Rock. She estimates the swim taking her about 24 hours, taking into account her slowing down after the halfway point. She plans on starting and finishing at night and the best part of swimming North? She'll have the wind at her back.

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