This week you can see the cinema classic on the big screen.

There is no place like home, and there is no place like the movie theater to get to see a classic movie as it's creator's intended!

In celebration of it's 80th anniversary, special movie theater screenings of The Wizard of Oz are happening across the country and right here in Albany. According to Fathom Events, the movie has showings tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 29) and tomorrow (Wednesday,  January 30) at Regal Cinemas at the Colonie Center and Crossgates Mall. There will also be showings at both theaters Sunday, February 3 Tuesday, February 5.

Instead of re-doing classic movies, this is what Hollywood should be doing: just bring back the original! Nothing ever beats a classic, and getting to see a movie how filmmakers intended it to be viewed is the best way to see any production. And you have to imagine with a film as vivid as Oz, the movie theater experience with the big screen and sound-system will only add to it's entertainment value.



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