The Upstate New York man known as the original "Mr. Jelly Belly" has taken his passion and love for Willy Wonka-style treasure hunts to the next level.  David Klein says that somewhere in the lower 48 United States, he's hidden a treasure in the form of a "Golden Ticket" worth $100,000.

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According to, the 74-year-old Syracuse native says that clues to find the hidden treasure are in his new book called "The Candyman’s Treasure Hunt: The Orb Traveler.”

“It’s up to the searchers to try and decipher the story and locate it... We want to get everyone out of the house and having fun, this includes grandma and grandpa, kids and the whole family.” -David Klein,

According to the report, Klein says that the "Golden Tickets" are scattered all across the country, and each one is an actual necklace with a verification code that authenticates its "Golden" status. According to Klein, the creator of Jelly Belly candies, the value of the necklace alone is $5,000. Once a necklace is found, you become eligible for the big cash prize.

Klein, who refers to himself as the Candyman is hoping that families enjoy the time together hunting, but admits that it is going to take a bit of skill. "This Treasure Hunt is NOT designed for the amateur," Klein wrote on his website.  Adding that it "will take great solving skills and boots on the ground somewhere within the continental USA.  Please be aware that this could be solved in a weekend or could take years. It is not in a dangerous location."

For details on how you can obtain his book, and for cash payout information, click here.

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