Randy Travis and Prince Harry made headlines this summer for being nude.  First, Randy Travis is found naked in the middle of a Texas road, then Prince Harry gets naked with friends in Las Vegas.

Although the nude pictures of Randy Travis have not been released, TMZ obtained the naked Prince Harry photos (click here to peek), and even Lorrie Morgan stripped down to support Randy. Although some people are shocked by these recent incidents, some may be happy that these celebrities might bring back a 'nudist' craze or a '70s fad called 'Streaking.'

Bill Kirkpatrick, professor of media and cultural studies, explained more about how streaking got so popular- "From late January through late May 1974, a wave of "streaking"—roughly defined as running naked in public—occurred in the United States, primarily on college and university campuses; the brief phenomenon eventually spread around the world. Although the exact number of streaks during this time is unknown, one group of researchers gathered data on over 1000 incidents on U.S. college campuses alone. Streaking generated significant press coverage and spawned a plethora of streaker-related consumer items including coffee mugs, t-shirts, necklace pendants, "Keep On Streaking" patches, "Streak Freak" buttons, a "Nixon Streaking" wristwatch, pink underwear embroidered with "Too shy to streak," and two dozen novelty singles (one of which, Ray Stevens’ “The Streak,” became a major hit)."

Do you think Randy Travis and Prince Harry will start a 'nudist' or 'streaking' craze? Would you do it?  (please leave your comments in the section below)

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