There is a wild plant that grows in the area that is very dangerous to the human touch. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is warning hikers to be aware and what to do if you encounter it. There is a weed found in some places in the Capital Region that, if contacted, could cause temporary blindness and severe burns. According to News 10 ABC, the Giant Hogweed is on the national noxious weed list and is illegal to grow and transport in the United States. However, there is wild hogweed in our area and it's very dangerous.

You can tell it's hogweed by little white flowers, large leaves with grooves, prominent white hairs and purple blotches on the stems. The sap can cause skin irritation and burns along with temporary blindness if contacted with your eyes.

The DEC has set up a page to help identify the plant, what to do if you come in contact with it, and information to report it.

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