The World Series is tonight and quite frankly I don't care.  Some people have suggested that they will be rooting for the Houston Astros because they are the big league club of our local Tri-City Valleycats and many players on the team have local baseball roots. Not me. No way.  Sorry, not sorry...

I love baseball, but as a die hard Yankee fan, I'm still bitter that we couldn't win one of the final 2 games against the Houston Astros.  I didn't want the dream season to end without a 28th world title.
Jose Altuve, George Springer, Dallas Keuchel and other current members of the Houston Astros all played for the Tri-City Valleycats at one point in heir career.  Now that they are big stars in the big leagues, they're easy to root for, right? Nope!  When you play for the Valleycats, I got your back.  Once you make it to the "show' and compete against my Yankees, I ain't about you anymore.  It's kind of sweet to think that these big stars played right here in our backyard on their way to illustrious careers, but the shine has worn off. Gremlins were cute and adorable and fuzzy too, then after midnight, they wanted to rip your head off while you were sleeping!  Can you tell I'm bitter?  Heck ya I am.
I'm a Valleycat fan when I'm sitting at the Joe on a warm August night in Troy, but I'm a Yankee fan for life, wake me up when the World Series is over.

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