It's a serious allegation, and could be a major lawsuit in the works.  Read on!! 

According to, Facebook itself has ALLEGEDLY been accused of spying on it's own customers' private messages, according to a class action suit filed in California.

It seems that they might have been checking users' PRIVATE (I said PRIVATE) messages to '"data mine" - meaning grab information to share with third parties for the purposes of advertising .



According to the article, (if it's true) --

(They) have violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and California privacy laws by its intentional interception of electronic communications.


Well, come on people - really?  Are you shocked?  I heard long ago that anything you post online is akin to taking out a billboard on Time Square and advertising your personal life on it.

Facebook and all of these social media sites are FREE, folks.  Doesn't that raise a red flag to anybody?  There really is no such thing as FREE.  They're not allowing us to post messages to billions of people out of the goodness of their hearts.  They are expecting to get something out of it somewhere, so I personally am not bowled over by the news, are you?

How do you feel about this?  Are you surprised? Will this stop you from putting certain things on there now, or do you care either way?    Please comment below ( but watch out-- Facebook might read it!)