As you have probably already heard, there is a prediction that the Rapture is coming tomorrow. Maybe you don't buy it, maybe you do but you're not really worried because you are a good church going christian without sin. Surely Jesus will take you to Heaven and not leave you here with all the sinners and non believers of the world. But what about "Fido"?

Fortunately there is help. There is a company known as, Earth-Bound Pets.  The good natured self proclaimed animal loving atheists at Earth-Bound Pets will stay behind and care for your pets after you are gone.  For a small fee of $135.00 for the first pet and $20.00 for each additional.

The nice thing is the contract is good for 10 years, so if nothing does happen tomorrow and we are all stuck here together, you are still covered for quite some time. So worry not about your kitty, puppy or goldfish,  just click the link I provided above and you can rest easy knowing they are well cared for here.

God Bless.