If you caught the Grammy Awards' red carpet last night or at least some of the performances and awards, then you definitely caught some beautiful dresses and some of the unusual "dresses" of certain artists. I guess that's what makes them artists, whether they are performing or not -- they have tons of talent and an artistic uniqueness that no one else has, making the red carpet always interesting to say the least.

So who was the best dressed on last night's show?  Who was the worst dressed?  Let's stick with how the women looked because honestly, guys, how hard is it to throw on a suit or tux?  Then again, when in doubt, become a life-size peacock!

My pick for the worst dressed artist would have to go to Lady Gaga.  I

understand she is a little out of this world, but when it comes down to the red carpet, wear something appropriate and more traditional for the night.  Isn't the whole point of the "red carpet" is to have the capability to be interviewed?  Showing up in a giant egg shaped chariot is just plain weird and inaccesible.  I realize it was part of her theatrical performance -- I respect that.  However, she had weird, pointy things coming out of her forehead and shoulders.  Crreeeeppyyyy!  I do think she takes her performances to a whole different level and therefore, is very entertaining to watch.  I do like her music at times even though it is not country, but has she ever heard of a costume change?  In regards to last night -- my opinion was her performance was well done.

Now, moving on to best dressed -- much more difficult category to analyze.  My biggest vote would have to go to either Jewel or Miranda Lambert.  Both blonde bombshells looked stunning in their floor length gowns.  Jewel had on a canary yellow one shoulder dress that hid her baby bump modestly and also gave her a radiant glow.  Miranda also sported a one shoulder gown on the red carpet (though changed into a shorter, strapless dress to perform).  Her gold gown was also a great compliment of her skin tone and hair color.  The one-shoulder accent of her dress was a very different design yet just as stunning as Jewel's.  It also had a bit of flare as she walked away with the back of the one-shoulder piece highly detailed.
Check out the pictures and let me know who you think was the best and/or worst dressed.  I'm curious to know if you agreed with my picks!