Ellen Makes Out with Rob Lowe [Watch]
ELLEN DEGENERES kissed ROB LOWE on her show yesterday.  He was demonstrating how Jewel was disgusted by the idea of kissing him on a failed TV drama called "The Lyon's Den" back in 2003.
Rob asked Ellen to help him reenact the kiss, and it&apo…
Jewel Does Undercover Karaoke [VIDEO]
I love these guys are some of the best stuff on the web. Everything from" the Landlord" to "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis" is hysterical. This time they surprise a karaoke bar by disguise Jewel and have her sing undercover...
Who Was the Best Dressed?
If you caught the Grammy Awards' red carpet last night or at least some of the performances and awards, then you definitely caught some beautiful dresses and some of the unusual "dresses" of certain artists.
Jewel Pregnant
Jewel got married back in 2008 and now she’s going to be a mother. Still hasn’t fixed that snaggletooth yet.